Finally it's time for you. A new vocation? A new challenge? BUT

- you lack confidence

- your skills are out of date

- your brain doesn’t respond the way it used to.

Most mums I work with feel they have lost their identity.

These are some of the other things they are concerned about:

Time is not their own
Their easiest route is just to stay where they are
They have lost confidence
They are at their wits end
Feel rusted out
They feel they have lost their value
Lack of decent conversation
Tired of same thing every day - Groundhog Day!
Some feel a little isolated
When they do have a good time they feel guilty
They would like to feel more appreciated
They feel resentment
Worn out
Kids assume they are constantly at their service
Mums felt lacking in drive
Opening their diaries and getting organised was even an effort

I work with mums and share -

Easy ways to be powerful, calm and confident
How to read people
How to hold your own in a conversation and lead them
How to read physiology and use your body to communicate
How to be a powerful, unstoppable person
Know who you are. Exactly

Weaving in the 3Vs canvas to bolster resilience and Professor Rama Dasaratha's 6Cs for success.

Organisations I have a worked or collaborated with:
Implementing Managing Moments and Growing Systems of Success via the PhD Framework to Boost Vision, Vitality and Voice