I love to work with mums who are helping make the world a better place Working alongside them to achieve their goals, connecting them to the relevant people, building communities around their mission, whilst teaching them how to use engaging collateral to embrace on and offline communities - essentially to grow their idea/business. Plus if they need a bit of support with their kid's mental health and wellbeing, I can offer that too.

Weaving in the 3Vs canvas to bolster resilience and Professor Rama Dasaratha's LIFESmart Learning Toolkit.

I'm a "portfolio" mum, teacher, and accidental author, living in Guildford, Surrey UK with my husband, Paul, a journalist and fellow wildlife gardener and allotment grower, plus our two teens.

I have a ​BA Hons 2.1 in Psychology & Education, a PGCE in teaching, and a lifelong passion for human potential and what makes people tick (which turns out not to be stickers and reward charts).

As I am passionate about education reform, I also speak about "Happy Kids What's Resilience Got To Do With It?" and as my mission set up Resilient Kids. I am also greatly inspired and influenced by the late Sir Ken Robinson and his vision to encourage more creativity, play and innovation.

Other interests include - storytelling, nature walks, yoga and mindfulness teacher #yogarascal, personal development, travel, entrepreneurship, innovation, spirituality, technology and systems thinking.

You'll also find me cheerleading for Thortspace, co-presenting Random Dialogues(for fun) and co-leading Business Buzz Surrey

I use a myriad of coaching tools and techniques and particularly enjoy playing with metaphor to help adults and kids to get clearer and more aligned with who they are and what the LOVE to say, be, do and have.

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