'From Mums (and Dads) I have worked with or coached

I really appreciate Jane's mentoring style and her approach to thinking about life. She's insightful and reflective and humorous with it, and her ideas and ways of thinking help me see things from a different perspective. I would highly recommend working with Jane if you would like some fresh ideas and to work with a creative, fun and vibrant person to help you grow in whatever path you are focusing on.'

Natalie - Chief of Staff/Business Manager, Microsoft

“Jane is creative, resourceful and inventive in all that she does, as well as great fun to work with.

Linda Hopkins, Founder

'I am continually surprised by Jane's vigour, creative thinking and desire to get things done. She has a clear message to help and improve the understanding of children and the difficulties associated with parenting and the lot of people trying to make successes of themselves. She achieves remarkable results and is extremely well liked by the community she attends and the one she creates. She is intelligent, open and welcoming and cares. Always willing to help, learn and share and she is a lot of fun too.'

Arthur Partridge (AyPee) Personal/Business Trainer/Coach Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer Social Media Specialist/ (rip)

'Jane has always had an incredible energy and drive combined with a true entrepreneurial spirit. She embraces new ideas and has always been focused on self improvement for herself and others. What I also really like about Jane is she doesn't force her ideas on you - if you are interested and you want her to help she will but she never preaches her views. On top of that Jane is a great mother - I have no idea how she does it.'

Alan Enterprise Account Manager

"...always has an idea on how things can be done differently. I highly recommend Jane if you want to unlock your creativity"

Rachel Norrington, Face2FaceHR

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